Dominic has been playing accordion for 27 years, piano for 35,

but had yet to write music specifically for the piano, 

...until he met this Bell upright, ​made in 1905. 

​It was love.

This double album has 23 original piano songs

 which emerged over 5 winters of tinkering.

listen here

seven point seven

written during the 7.7 earthquake on Haida Gwaii.  well not during, I was washing eggs with a headlamp when the earthquake happened.


 one of my favorite compositions


 the definition of the word sounds like this to me

 Recorded @ Dilated Ear Studios, Sangan River Farm,

Haida Gwaii BC  -  2011 - 2017.

all songs composed & performed solo on piano.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Dominic Legault.