All original accordion and pump organ based songs of poignant beauty featuring some antique instruments.

The pump organ is 130 years old and the oldest accordion on thie recording is from the 1930's.

These vivid and sometimes melancholic melodies will transport you to a pre-industrialized world, and possibly elsewhere...

guest musicians on breathing bellows: 

Stefan Bienz: upright bass       Michael Mazza: trumpet

Daryl O'Neill: banjo       Brad Waring: vocal 
Dominic plays pump organ, accordion, alto and contra-alto clarinets, trombone, toy piano.

listen here

Dried flower petals


written during a roadtrip in the Kootenays

BREATHING BELLOWS was recorded @ Dilated Ear Studios in Penticton BC

mixed with John Raham in Vancouver BC

recorded and produced by Dominic Legault